Space Maintainers

Secure your child’s smile for the future, space maintainers help hold the location for adult teeth if a primary tooth is lost early.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers play a crucial role in pediatric dentistry by ensuring the proper development of your child’s permanent teeth. They are used when a child loses a tooth prematurely to prevent other teeth from shifting into the empty space until the permanent tooth emerges.

Why Choose Space Maintainers?

  • Prevent Misalignment: Space maintainers hold the gap open, allowing the permanent tooth to erupt correctly and minimize future orthodontic problems.
  • Custom Fit: Each space maintainer is custom-made to fit comfortably and effectively in your child’s mouth.
  • Support Healthy Oral Development: By maintaining the space for permanent teeth, these devices help ensure a healthier bite and easier maintenance of dental hygiene in the future.
  • What are the different types of space maintainers?

    Pediatric space maintainers come in two categories: Fixed Space Maintainers and Removable Space Maintainers.

    Fixed space maintainers keep enough space open for adult teeth to grow in and include four types:

    • crown and loop
    • distal shoe
    • lingual
    • unilateral

    Removable space maintainers are a good option if your child’s tooth is almost ready to grow in. They’re made of acrylic material and can be fitted with a fake tooth. While easier to maintain oral hygiene, they’re not as effective as fixed devices.

  • How long do space maintainers last?

    Space maintainers last until the permanent teeth come in–they act as a replacement holder for teeth that are lost early.

    It is important with space maintainers that regular brushing and dental check-ups take place.

  • Are space maintainers painful?

    There is no pain or discomfort associated with space maintainers. If you do experience pain this could be an indicator that something is wrong and you will want to schedule an appointment with your dental office.

  • Do space maintainers need to be removed?

    Yes, a dental space maintainer should be removed when the permanent tooth is ready to come into place. Your dentist will know when the time is right to remove the space maintainer.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about space maintaining appliances, please contact our office, request an appointment for your child, or explore the other pediatric dental services we provide.

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