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Specialized Dental Care for Kids

Victor Smiles specializes in providing dental care to infants, toddlers, young children, teens, and children with disabilities. Beyond that, we provide a warm, fun, and friendly environment that helps children relax, making them more receptive to the examinations and treatments. We encourage parents and family members to be with their children and interact with them throughout the treatment to further strengthen your kids’ feeling of safety and security.

Teaching children about good dental care habits helps lay down a firm foundation for excellent dental self-care as they grow older and throughout the rest of their life. See common questions around dental health for children, below. Contact our office with any questions or to setup your child’s next dental visit.

Pediatric Services

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    Regular Dental Checkup

    Regular dental checkups are an essential part of maintaining a healthy smile. It’s a critical part of oral health for children. Dental checkups should be completed every six months to maintain proper, optimal health.

    Regular Dental Checkup
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    Tooth Fillings

    Fillings are extremely common and have a high success rate. We offer options for composite fillings and amalgam fillings—both are safe. It's a simple procedure used to restore cavities or other mild decay or deterioration.

    Tooth Fillings
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    Stainless Steel Crowns

    Our crowns are an effective restoration that covers or “caps” a tooth to prevent cracking and restore it to its natural size and shape. Our pediatric crowns offer your child help with chewing and speaking.

    Stainless Steel Crowns
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    Thumb Sucking Appliance

    A thumb sucking appliance prevents the placement of the thumb into the mouth in a comfortable position. It’s used to break thumb-sucking habits with children.

    Thumb Sucking Appliance
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    Fluoride Treatment

    Fluoride treatment is a safe and effective way to help prevent tooth decay, fight off harmful bacteria, and strengthen tooth enamel in kids. All children are at an increased risk for cavities.

    Fluoride Treatment
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    Baby Teeth

    We specialize in keeping your child’s baby teeth healthy to help ensure long-term oral health. If your child has their first tooth they should have their first visit to the dentist.

    Baby Teeth
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    Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

    Bruxism is a medical condition that is more commonly known as teeth grinding. Most kids outgrow bruxism but regular dental visits are important to reduce the negative effects.

    Teeth Grinding
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    Pediatric Dental Sedation

    We use dental sedation for a wide variety of treatments and procedures at Victor Smiles. Helping patients remain calm, comfortable, and relaxed is always one of our biggest goals.

    Pediatric Dental Sedation

Home Dental Care Tips for Toddlers, Children, and Teens

  • Should I use toothpaste when brushing my toddler's teeth?

    Yes. As soon as the teeth begin to appear, start brushing twice daily using fluoridated toothpaste and a soft, age-appropriate sized toothbrush. For children 0-2-years-old, use a smear of toothpaste; for children between ages 3 and 6 years, use a pea-sized amount. Keep in mind that young children require assistance and do not have the ability to brush their teeth effectively.

  • When should I start flossing my children's teeth?

    You should start flossing your children’s baby teeth when they begin fitting closely together. This typically occurs between ages two and six. By helping your children floss their teeth help them create the habit of flossing daily. As their fine motor skills develop, you can teach them how to floss on their own. Children usually develop the ability to floss on their own around the age of 10.

  • Does my child's diet really affect their oral health?

    A good, healthy diet is important for a child’s growth and development. It also has a direct effect on their dental health. We all know sugar contributes to tooth decay, and while almost all foods have some type of sugar in them it’s important to limit the amount of sugar your child has. Nutritious eating habits combined with daily brushing and flossing promote overall health, while protecting your child’s teeth and gums from damaging decay, resulting in a strong, healthy smile.

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