What Is Orthodontics?

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Comprehensive Treatments

Comprehensive treatment corrects jaw and dental misalignment, improves biting, and results in a beautiful smile for individuals who have lost all of their baby teeth. Victor Smiles provides innovative, all-inclusive treatment to individuals of all ages. Our experts will change your child’s smile and health with outstanding orthodontic care, a personalized treatment plan, and exceptional service, using cutting-edge technologies and years of expertise.

We use braces or aligners to enhance or correct all elements of a patient’s smile, from their bite and jaw to their tooth alignment.

If you’re interested in getting your child a full orthodontic treatment, we’ll evaluate their unique health profile and anatomy, talk about the objectives, and establish their smile’s requirements. Then, our orthodontists will create the ideal, personalized treatment plan for them. This may include braces or clear aligners, and the length might vary based on a variety of variables. Because each smile is unique, each treatment strategy is as well.

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Two-Phase Treatments

Children in Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment get Phase One between the ages of seven and eleven before all permanent teeth have set in. This stage is frequently utilized to create a strong foundation for permanent teeth and repair jaw development issues that may otherwise require extraction or surgery later.

A Resting Period occurs between the two stages to allow for the development of permanent teeth. During this time, retainers may be advised.

After all permanent teeth have come, Phase Two normally begins. This last step of therapy includes complete braces or aligner treatment to ensure that all teeth are properly aligned and in harmony with the lips, cheeks, and tongue. Phase Two is when your gorgeous, healthy smile comes together!

For many young patients, two-phase therapy is an appropriate alternative. Our orthodontist produce healthy smiles, prevent complications, and reduce the chance of a patient requiring future extractions or surgery by initiating orthodontic therapy early. If your kid is getting Two-Phase therapy, you may be confident that their smile is in capable hands!


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Orthodontic Services

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    Clear Aligners

    3M Clarity Aligners are a method of straightening the teeth that involves wearing a set of clear plastic aligners for a certain period of time.

    Clear Aligners
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    Metal Dental Braces

    Traditional metal dental braces are typically used in cases with extreme overcrowding because they move your teeth in small increments at a time.

    Metal Dental Braces
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    After orthodontic treatment ends a retainer is used to maintain the teeth’s new alignment. There are two types of retainers: permanent and removable.

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    Space Maintainers

    If a primary tooth is extracted before it should have been, a space maintainer can help preserve the space for the adult tooth to come in.

    Space Maintainers

More Questions?

Have more questions about your orthodontic treatment options? Contact our office and we are happy to discuss which option is best for you.

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